Natural ventilation creates a natural air flow in your building, ensuring higher air quality – and a better working environment. It’s a natural choice, that’s also cost effective.




The Arens range of Ventilation Controllers allows natural ventilation to occur by automatically adjusting window openings according to environmental conditions.




The WindowMaster range provides a variety of high end solutions for both natural and smoke ventilation, particularly ideal for medium to larger buildings.

Arens International specialises in Window Automation, Natural Ventilation and Smoke Dispersal Systems




Arens Electric range provides actuators for various window types, such as awnings, casements, louvres and skylights. Operation is via a wall switch, ventilation controller or a BMS.





The Arens Manual range is the most economical way of operating high level windows. They are hand operated, require minimal maintenance and are suitable for heavy duty applications.

Adding high level operable windows, which allow hot air to escape, together with lower level windows which draw cooler air into the building, sees you create a natural air flow.

Arens is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of remote control window systems. We also developed the Ventilation Control Panel which, when used in conjunction with the electric actuators, controls the opening and closing of windows to achieve ideal conditions. This integrated system results in more comfortable temperatures and can drastically reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

Our ventilation systems can also be incorporated into smoke dispersal systems, with one of our first major projects being the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Headquarters in Hong Kong, nearly thirty years ago. For over fifty years Arens International has also been providing technical expertise and design advice to help architects and designers incorporate the principles of natural ventilation into their projects.

We work with our clients from the design concept right through to practical completion of a project – and we offer after sales service. Our trained installation team not only install our products, they follow the project through to full commissioning.

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